Get diagnosed and treated 24/7 for dozens of conditions, including COVID-19. We make it simple to get healthcare whenever and wherever you want. No appointments. No waiting rooms.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please complete a COVID-19 eVisit assessment. Our care team will review your symptoms, provide a care plan, and help you set up a testing appointment.

A MyChart eVisit is the fastest way for you to be seen by our care team. Please choose “Next Available Provider” in the dropdown menu to complete your eVisit. When you choose this option, the average response time is less than one hour.

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You can now use your M Health Fairview MyChart account for eVisits. Have questions about this change? Need help? Call us at 1-855-Fairview.
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How It Works

Receive care 24/7 from our online clinic for dozens of minor conditions including infections, pink eye, skin issues, and even COVID-19.

Log in any time, anywhere

Our virtual clinic never closes – log in from your computer or smartphone any time of day, from anywhere in Minnesota. We’re here to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

Online interview

Tell us about your symptoms, it's as easy as that. Our online questionnaire will take you through a series of questions in about 5 minutes. You may be asked to upload a photo for certain conditions. Rarely, if more information is needed, the provider may request a phone visit to complete the diagnosis.

Diagnosis in an hour

In order to receive a diagnosis in an hour, please select "first available provider." From there, one of our certified clinicians will review your case and respond by text or email in an hour or less with a diagnosis and treatment plan.


If we can't safely treat you online, you won't be charged for your visit. Your visit may be covered by your insurance - we'll submit a claim. Any copay or charges not covered will be billed to you.

Conditions Treated via eVisits

Get diagnosed and treated for dozens of conditions, including COVID-19, 24/7.
Back Pain
Canker/Cold Sore
COVID Concerns 
Depression/Anxiety Related Issues
Diaper Rash
Pink Eye
Sinus Issues
Skin Concerns
Urinary Infections/Bladder Concerns 
Vaginal Discharge/Irritation 
Other General Concerns

eVisit FAQs