The Fairview System Credentialing Office (FSCO) provides a wide range of benefits to its contracted facilities and networks:

  • Streamlines the credentialing process so practitioners submit one credentialing application and privilege form(s) when applying to one or multiple M Health Fairview and/or contracted facilities/networks;
  • Eliminates duplication of multiple verifications;
  • Standardizes the privileging criteria and forms;
  • Provides ongoing monitoring of license, malpractice insurance, DEA certificate and board certification for all applicable practitioners. Maintains compliance with Joint Commission (JC), Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS), National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) credentialing standards; and
  • Efficiently manages practitioner credentialing information in one centralized database.

Quick Links to Key Documents

Initial Applicants

To request an initial application, add a facility (update application) or request additional privileges, an application request form needs to be submitted.

Practitioner Change

To request name, demographic, office, address changes or to submit medical/professional staff resignation from a Fairview entity, please complete the Practitioner Change Form and submit it to the Fairview System Credentialing Office.

About Us

Important Information for all Practitioners

All credentialed practitioners are expected to read and be aware of the information contained in the following documents:

Code of Professional Behavior (PDF)

Privileging Principles (PDF)

Proctoring Policy (PDF)


Proctoring of privileges may be requested if a practitioner does not meet the criteria indicated on the privilege form, such as number of cases performed or required training. All required training must be completed before a proctoring request is made.  Proctoring is an evaluation of a practitioner’s clinical competency to perform the procedure after completion of required training and must be approved in advance of performing the procedure with proctoring. Information on the process and forms are in the Proctoring Policy.

Required Learning

Practitioners who are applying to be credentialed at an M Health Fairview facility must attest to the completion of an orientation Education Packet during the credentialing verification process.


Contact Information

Practitioners are asked to keep their email address up to date with the FSCO and monitor their email for important credentialing information. Contact the FSCO with any email or demographic changes at:

Fairview System Credentialing Office

2450 Riverside Ave S   Phone:612-672-7700  

Minneapolis, MN 55454 Fax: 612-672-4244

Initial Applications

Expirables Staff

Delegated Credentialing Coordinator

Phone: 612-672-1529

Data Analyst

Phone: 612-672-5254

Manager, Credentialing Operations

Manager, Credentialing Compliance and Privileging


Phone: 612-672-4174