HOPE Commission

A multi-year transformational change effort of M Health Fairview to drive more equitable outcomes and inclusive environments and experiences for our patients, employees, and communities.

2021 Work Plans

Advancing our ambitious anti-racism and inclusion efforts requires deliberate effort, resources and workplans to drive us forward. Following the delivery of the HOPE Commission report in February, James Hereford and Dean Jakub Tolar, MD, asked accountable leaders from across the M Health Fairview partnership to review the HOPE Commission recommendations and work with the appropriate departments to develop 2021 targets and work plans.

2021 Summary Plan

2021 Detailed Plan

Healing Opportunity People Equity

The HOPE Commission uses an anti-racist approach. Anti-racism is the active process of identifying and eliminating racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes. While race-based discrimination is the most common and visible form, we acknowledge that marginalization based upon many other identities exists as well, and this same approach is being applied to root out discrimination in all of its forms.

Initiated in the Summer of 2020, in the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the COVID-19 pandemic that is disproportionately impacting people of color, the HOPE Commission is an acknowledgement that M Health Fairview must improve itself to produce more equitable health care outcomes for all of our patients.

Fairview CEO James Hereford and University of Minnesota Medical School Dean, Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, established the HOPE Commission and serve as executive champions. Commissioners are Dr. Taj Mustapha, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Diane Tran, Senior Director of Community Engagement; and Dr. Christopher Warlick, Associate Professor and Chair of the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Department of Urology.

Ultimately, the success of the Commission will depend on the active involvement of all 34,000 M Health Fairview employees — nurses, housekeeping staff, doctors, food service workers, care coordinators, administrators, and others — in advancing an equitable culture, practices, and outcomes.

2020 Report and Recommendations

2025 Future State

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