M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center - Minneapolis

909 Fulton St. SE

Suite 2-201, Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Patients can expect a new and extraordinary experience when they visit our clinics and surgery center. With a wide range of specialists located in one, easy to access location, the space is designed for collaboration and allow our care teams to work together in new ways to meet each patient's unique needs.

Patients experience the same innovative care from world-renowned specialists, but benefit from an enhanced environment and services including:
  • Extended clinic hours
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Easy check-in and check-out, including eCheck-In from home via MyChart

Within the Clinics and Surgery Center, we have both freestanding and hospital-based clinics, which are part of University of Minnesota Medical Center. The hospital-based clinics are noted in each clinic listing below.

Specialties at this Location

Hours, appointments and contact phone numbers vary by service and specialty. Click on the specialty below to view hours:

Directions & Parking

The Clinics and Surgery Center (CSC) is located on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Please give yourself extra time to navigate University traffic, arrive at the CSC, park, and check in for your appointment. 
For the best parking options, enter the CSC valet/arrival plaza from Fulton Street where attendants can assist you. 
Valet parking hours: Valet parking is available for those with limited mobility Monday - Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  
West Lot: Located across from the Clinics and Surgery Center main entrance, this surface lot is a convenient option for patients. Enter on Ontario Street. Parking attendants are available most hours to assist.  
Oak Street Ramp: Oak Street Ramp is also available for self-parking. Enter at the Ontario Street SE entrance (one block north of the CSC main entrance). Do not enter the ramp from Oak Street - this entrance is not staffed and is further from the CSC main entrance. 
At the Ontario Street entrance, use the center lane designated "M Health Fairview" and park on the ground level in patient-only spaces designated by a white sign that reads "Patient Parking." As you leave your appointment, bring your parking ticket to the first floor Parking and Valet Services desk to pay and receive a reduced hourly rate. 
If you have any issues at the Oak Street Ramp, press the call button and inform the attendant that you are an M Health Fairview patient and you will be assisted. 
ADA parking spaces: Parking spaces are available for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - eligible patients. Spaces are available in the West lot, directly across from the CSC main entrance on Ontario Street. Let a parking attendant at the CSC valet/arrival plaza or outside the West Lot know that you are ADA eligible and they will give you access to the lot.  
Discounted valet parking rates for long-term parkers: Patients and visitors who make frequent visits to the CSC can save time and money by purchasing a parking pass that can be used for valet parking at the center. Passes are for valet parking only and can only be used for self-parking at the CSC West Lot. These cannot be used at the Oak Street Ramp. For more information, see a representative at the CSC First Floor Parking and Valet Services desk. Parking pass options are: 

  • Weekly pass: $33, valid for 7 consecutive days from date of purchase. 
  • Monthly pass: $75, valid for 31 consecutive days from date of purchase. 
  • Maroon pass: $25, users can enter and exit parking facilities five times. There is no timeframe for use. 

Fulton Street Parking Notice: If you self-park at the meters on Fulton Street, please pay close attention to the parking signs. Parking is restricted Monday - Friday: 

  • From 7 to 9 a.m., there is no parking at the Fulton Street meters. 
  • From 7 to 11 a.m., there is no parking at the Fulton Street meters from Erie Street to the entrance of the CSC. 

If you park at the Fulton Street meters during these times, your car is at risk of being towed. 
For questions or concerns with your parking experience, ask for a Valet Services supervisor or manager. 

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    M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center - Minneapolis

    909 Fulton St. SE
    Suite 2-201
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
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