Raymond Areaux, Jr. , MD



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About Me & My Care Philosophy

I combine clinical practice and research to provide state-of-the art medical and surgical care for all eye diseases in children and for strabismus in both children and adults. Beyond prescribing medicines and performing surgery, I see myself as an advocate and educator for my patients and their families. Having healthy eyesight as a child is important because it grants lifelong developmental and social advantages. Patients and families have many questions and concerns about the various surgical and non-surgical treatments available. The internet is full of information, and families need open ears and an experienced perspective from their pediatric ophthalmologist to navigate the options and choose which is best for their child. As an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Minnesota, I perform research and educate future physicians which requires that I understand and offer cutting-edge treatments. I find tremendous fulfillment in educating families and building long-term relationships together. Every child has his or her own beautiful story, and playing a positive role in each is my privilege every day.

Clinical Interests
  • Determining best practices for management of glaucoma in children
  • Intraocular surgery including complex cataracts and ocular malformations in children
  • Eye muscle surgery including horizontal & vertical strabismus, complex strabismus, nystagmus, ocular torticollis, adjustable sutures, and reoperation techniques
  • Eyelid and nasolacrimal surgery in children
  • Optimization of electronic health records to make patients healthier and doctors happier